New Wheel Day

Posted by Daniel Jilg on March 08, 2016 · 1 min read

My cat mimi admiring the racing wheel

So I bought a new peripheral, a Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel for my PS4. It is very nice.

It’s completely overwhelming how much switching from a controller changes the whole experience of the game. Here’s an earlier recording of me playing DriveClub with a controller:

Here is me playing with the wheel:

It’s almost a different game.

With a controller, I’m using the behind-the-car view (I can’t really play otherwise) and basically just drive in straight lines and drifts, occasionally using a wall “strategically” to brake. It works, but it looks like an arcade game, not something that would happen on a road.

With the wheel, I’ve switched the camera to inside the car, and take careful, long flowing lines. I’m trying to push the car’s boundaries, but I don’t want to spin out or hit a wall (I’m obviously not completely succeeding here). That actually makes my times worse, because I’m learning a completely new way to play the game.

My knowledge about racing with a controller is of very limited use with the wheel, way less than I thought it would be. It still helps to know the tracks, and how to take corners, but other than that, I’m drawing way more from my limited time on real race- and kart tracks than from games.

It’s exciting! 😊 I can’t wait until I’m good at this!